Aviation Services

Extensive aircraft maintenance and operations capabilities for manned and unmanned aircraft systems ensuring the effective and safe oversight of aviation assets


Our team has successfully developed one of the United States original FAA UAS Commercial Test Sites and obtained one of the first Section 333 exemptions allowing for commercial UAS operations in 2015. Jadin Tech’s Aviation Services Team incorporates all elements of aeronautical decision-making into a comprehensive risk management framework that has reduced risk exposure for our clients. We will tailor our risk services to your needs to achieve an acceptable level of risk at an affordable cost.

Our team includes former USAF Subject matter experts

  • Aircraft Maintenance Officers
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technicians
  • Aviation Resource Managers with experience in NATO C-130 PDM oversight and commercial management
  • C-130 B/E/H/J Flight Crews  
  • FAA & ICAO National Airspace Systems Integration SMEs
  • Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence (JUAS COE) SMEs
  • UAS Program Management Office (PMO) Development SMEs
  • UAS Flight Standards SMEs
  • UAS Flight Safety SMEs
  • UAS Range Development SMEs
  • UAS Pilots
  • FMV/Geospatial Imagery SMEs
  • Payload & Sensor SMEs


  • NATO C-130 PDM oversight and COR contract management contract
  • Creation of the FAA’s B4UFLY recreational users’ application
  • Our team successfully developed one of the United States original FAA UAS Commercial Test Sites for Nevada
  • Creation of 43 UAS Training Ranges in Nevada
  • Issued the first commercial Special Airworthiness Certification (SAC) in the Experimental
  • Certification for Civil Operated Unmanned Aircraft
  • Developed the first commercial master documents library for use at a commercial FAA UAS Test Site
  • Created commercial UAS regulatory training materials adopted by the FAA
  • Experienced NASA and FAA unmanned systems test pilots
  • Military experience with all-source intelligence and full motion video (FMV) imagery intelligence (IMINT) experience
  • Subject Matter Expert in Commercial and Military UAV/UAS applications 
  • NASA test pilot for UAS Technical Capability Level 4
  • FAA Test pilot for UTM Pilot Program
  • Co-Authored Special Operations T&R Guide for FMV exploitation – adopted by worldwide DCGS enterprise.
  • Staff developed and implemented DGS-5 Special Operation scenario-based training to increase mission efficiency in PED UAS operations
  • Staff developed and integrated TTPs in support of JSOTF-P DGS FMV exploitation, first to exploit in USAF DCGS Enterprise
  • Trained, certified, and managed 175+ Special Operations exploitation analysts for critical unmanned system mission exploitation
  • Staff supervised/managed/exploited 5000+ hours of Special Operations FMV Missions and QC of products
  • Established battle space visualization program and instructed imagery analysts on tactical 3D modeling.
  • Staff are qualified as a Geospatial Imagery Analyst, Multi-Source Analyst and certified in SOF UAS exploitation

Full Capabilties

  • FMS Case Management & Consulting
  • UAS Program Management Office Support
  • UAS Center of Excellence Development  
  • Flight Operations
  • Flight Safety
  • Flight Standards 
  • Maintenance Recovery Team Support
  • Ferry Flight Support / Flight Crews & MRTs
  • Simulation & Training
  • Aviation Acquisitions
  • FAA Liaison
  • Aviation and Cargo Cyber Assessments
  • Lifecycle & Personnel Management
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Aviation Resource Management
  • Non-Standard Missions and Programs
  • Training & Simulation

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