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Our partners are a valuable, integral part of our business. As part of our commitment to our customers, we team with other businesses to complement our in-house capabilities.

  • autonomous_ID
  • Sensurion
  • Encryption
  • Interclypse
  • Deterra
  • Cornerstone


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“BIO_SOLE is the ultimate in actionable information when you think of data analytics, the modern warrior, and predictive operational performance. Not only do we know location, we can observe individual bio-stats in real time, providing enhanced situational awareness to allow for corrective actions,” says AKI CEO Michael Bradshaw. “BIO_SOLE is suitable for the most sensitive controlled-access applications. Its reliable and consistent performance eliminates security risks associated with lost swipe cards, compromised access codes, and identity theft. We have seen tremendous advances in biometrics in a short time, and they will continue to evolve to a point we won’t even know they are there.”

- autonomous_ID

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As a Small Disadvantaged Business able to qualify in all NAICS, we invite teaming opportunities from industry partners.

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