Sugpiat Group LLC, is a small disadvantaged Alaska Native Corporation comprised of
Real People, providing Real Solutions to the Government.


Delivering value-based solutions to our clients with corporate excellence reflecting our Sugpiat heritage.


Provide enrichment of future generations while honoring our elders and heritage through sustainable growth of company, shareholder programs and dividends.


Sugpiat Group delivers integrated NexGen technologies using our asset light business model.
We apply leading-edge technologies to solve emerging Government challenges delivering actionable data for use by our clients.


We are accountable as a company and as individuals for our choices and ensuring truthfulness, accuracy and completeness with adequate levels of protection of confidential information.


We will conduct business with accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency. We work hard to meet our obligations, have the honesty to admit and correct when we fall short, and determine to always do the right thing.


A vested interest in each other leads to success. We integrate our customers into our value network to produce measurable enterprise value solutions.


Our principles keep us on the right path. We maintain the highest ethical standards and treat everyone with respect.


  • Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) may be awarded sole-source contracts of any size. They are exempt from the 8(a)sole-source thresholds of $4 million for service contracts, and $7 million for manufacturing contracts (FAR 19.805-1)
  • ANC sole-source awards cannot be protested [CFR 124.517 (a)]
  • The ‘Head of Agency’ thresholds for native 8(a) contracts from $22-93 million is no longer at the head of agency level and can be delegated to a lower level within the agency
  • The approval threshold should NOT be seen as a barrier to awarding these contracts
  • ANCs may own multiple 8(a) companies [13 CFR 124.109 (c)(2)(iii)]
  • Small Business Administration defines all Alaska Native Corporations as Indian Tribes for purposes of eligibility for special programs (13 CFR 124)
  • “Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in performing contracts awarded by Federal agencies.” (FAR 26.102)


Sugpiat Group brings NexGen products and services to the United States Federal Marketplace leveraging “The Alaska Native Corporation Contracting Advantage.” Our contacting advantage provides a readily available contracting vehicle that facilitates rapid deployment products and services to DOD and Federal Government clients.
Non-Traditional for the Purposes of OTA

  • 541519 Other Computer Related Services


  • 236220 Commerical and Institutional Building Construction
  • 518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
  • 519190 All Other Information Services
  • 541330 Engineering Services
  • 541380 Testing Laboratories
  • 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541513 Computer Facilites Management Services
  • 541611 Administrative and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541618 Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 541715 R&D in Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
  • 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 561621 Security System Services


Sugpiat Group, LLC provides our customers with cutting-edge Information Technology Solutions.
We lead the way in IT innovation through high-quality, high-trust relationships.

Pride in Quality

We take pride in the quality of our solutions and services, our standards are high and our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Continuous Improvement

We help our customers streamline processes to minimizing time, effort, and waste by regularly measuring and optimizing project workflows.

Customer Focus

We listen to our customers and assist them in defining goals and objectives to achieve their desired mission outcomes.

Innovation & Excellence

We aim for continuous technological progress through the creation and implementation of cutting edge solutions.